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Real comments - from real customers

Here's what others are saying about Advanced Residential Systems. (We hope to have your comments here someday.) Let us know if you're already a satisfied ARS customer and want to add your thoughts.
"I could go on forever about them. I thought they were terrific. They have a great product and are very easy to work with. They listened to exactly what I wanted and answered all my questions. I'm a pretty technically oriented person myself, but they were able to explain things in layman's terms to my wife. They took a sincere interest in what systems I wanted to have in my house, and they tailored systems that would fit my budget and do what I wanted them to do.

Very seldom now do we reach for light switches; it's like the system adapts to us. I can program the system from my phone's touch pad or my computer, and I'm always finding new and different things to add to the program. I wouldn't want to live without a system like that anymore."
     -- Brian Hein

"We had our system installed (by ARS) when we had our house built about six years ago. Since then, we've enhanced it, and the whole system works very well. We have been very impressed with it. It has a lot of great features that you don't get anywhere else. In general, it's just a very convenient system.

When decide to upgrade our entertainment system in early 2008, we selected ARS. Once again, they did an outstanding job. They understood our objectives, offered cost-effective suggestions, delivered on their promises and produced a high-quality system for us.

We already have recommended ARS to others. We have friends who are building homes who have bought ARS systems. They talked to Tom (Kucsan) and then they talked with us, and we were able to assure them that everything Tom said he could do he would do. We liked Tom's forthrightness. He was very honest with us and was very helpful in all his explanations of what was available, how we could extend the system and how we could do so inexpensively."
     -- John and Shirley Biggar
  "I was doing work with another company when someone told me about ARS and gave me Tom's name. So I called him and told him what I wanted, and he came up with a price for me and told me, "Try it for 60 days, and if you don't like it, we'll give you your money back, no problem. I have been with him ever since. We have worked together for the past 10 years through different homes and putting in satellite dishes and other systems, and he has always given me a fair price. Everything electronic in my house is from Tom."
     -- Craig Hurst

Thanks for promptly coming out and fixing my problem. My brother was right about recommending you, and I will do the same. Thanks again.
    -- Ken Divers

"Before going through with the automation, I was unaware of what could be done. It's been pretty amazing, and there's even more that can be done. They were very innovative and had very good follow-up, and they showed a lot of attention to detail. They exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend ARS to others. I have talked with other people in the field who are some of ARS' competitors, and I've found that ARS is the best in the business."
      -- (Name withheld at customer request)

"We first became an ARS customer eight years ago when they installed our security and controlled lighting system. The system was installed in a very professional manner and is very easy to use. I cannot imagine living in a home this size without the Home Automation system. We especially like the ability to have lighting scenes.

The staff was very friendly, delivered prompt reliable service, and always gave the impression of wanting to have a satisfied customer. I would definitely recommend ARS. We have been very happy with our home automation - next we would love to add the home theater.
      -- Anne & Ken

Is it easy to control?
Imagine the alarm is activated, music is turned off, thermostats set back, and lights dimmed as the garage door closes behind you - simply by touching a keypad on your way out.

Is it easy to control?
October 12, 2010:
Advanced Residential Systems wins Green Excellence Award in global competition

ARS won Best Green Project for an LEED gold-certified home that includes many sustainable features such as a vegetated roof, 10,000 gallon cistern... - read full article
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