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The house that thinks it is a family member

An expertly scored movie. A perfectly lit stage. Imagine living in the midst of both throughout your day-to-day home life. In this 8,000-square-foot home, secluded deep in the Pennsylvania woods, both accomplishments and much more are realized, setting the ideal backdrop for the family's lives and routines. And thanks to foresight, planning and intelligent programming, the automation as natural as the sunrise and sunset.

Technology for technophobes

For his private family of four, the client wanted whole-house control, but without having to control it himself. An admitted technophobe, he desired almost complete automation ... from the first step out of bed to the last goodnight kiss. He expected the system to be seamless, easy-to-operate and unobtrusive. Set it and forget it.

Listen first, design second

First, we listened to the client and his family to understand their needs ... how did they live their lives? What parts of their daily routine could be enhanced by lighting, music and communications? Then we selected subsystems that could be integrated into one cohesive system. A structured wiring system extends throughout the house and functions as the system's nervous center. At the brain are an AMX controller and Lutron HomeWorks Interactive lighting control system. All audio/video equipment and the dedicated PC for programming changes are located in a rack that is tucked into a closet near the study -- accessible yet discreet.


Functions like a workaholic butler with ESP

More than 150 different components were integrated into the custom home. The most compelling include:

1. Lighting control: Intelligent, coordinated lighting using Lutron's HomeWorks system creates, a perfect visual setting for their daily activities, a feature that's especially important considering the dense tree cover that surrounds the house and blocks much of the sun's natural light. (Lutron HomeWorks system.)

2. Communications/Digital telephone system: Allows the client to conduct business from many areas of his home. Messaging, conference calling, speakerphone capabilities - together they turn every room with a phone into a virtual office.

3. Music: Music makes the mood. It fills the house with calm, soothing sounds. SpeakerCraft in-wall and in-ceiling speakers were mounted throughout the house, and in the dinng room, and a pair of SoundAdvance "invisible speakers were mounted in the soffits, covered with spackle and painted, to totally disappear from sight.

4. AMX interface: The phobia-buster. Easy-to-use AMX touch-pad interfaces eliminate wall clutter and allow simple control of the home's music, lighting, security and HVAC systems from several locations.

5. Security: Offer peace of mind, protect the family's privacy. Cameras are mounted at the front door and throughout the grounds. Both cameras are accessible from any of the 10 monitors in the house. Sensors in the ½-mile driveway trigger different activities depending on the time of day, from welcoming lights to and audible alarm and lights at full on.

Sample Installations

Integrating 150+ components

Home automation that blends seamlessly into the décor

The magic of the movies with none of the hassles

The house that thinks it is a family member

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"I could go on forever about them. I thought they were terrific. They have a great product and are very easy to work with."

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