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Home automation that blends seamlessly into the décor

Some homeowners want their home automation and audio-video systems to be a focal point. They want it noticeable ... ubiquitous ... blatantly obvious. This homeowner, however, desired beauty over brawn; equipment that was concealed, not conspicuous. And thanks to our work, he didn't sacrifice a thing.

It's a living room ... no wait, it's a home theater

Walk into the sunken living room and you will immediately sense the welcoming ambiance. Twin fireplaces provide warmth, natural light fills the room, custom woodwork lends an unmistakable natural feeling. Furniture is seemingly arranged to encourage conversation.

But with a touch of the integrated IntelliControl keypad, the room is converted into a high-end home theater system. Window blinds lower to darken the room. Wooden cabinet doors conceal a 40-inch Mitsubishi television for casual viewing. The push of another button lowers a 96" screen for the "feature presentation."

The custom coffee table ingeniously houses a Vidikron video projector. B&W Rock Solid Monitor speakers were chosen because they perfectly fit the radius of the wooden columns we integrated them into, that flank the screen. And the lights, controlled by Lutron HomeWorks and GRAFIK Eye systems, dim to create the ideal setting for movies or television from a VCR tape, DVD, or Dish Network digital satellite dish. It's like having two rooms in one ... both with elegance, style and power.

  Powerful enough for him, easy for her to use

In addition to the controls we added for the home theater area, this house features easy-to-use whole-house audio and video, controlled by IntelliPad keypads throughout the residence. The keypads and IntelliControl in the theater replace eight different remote controls ... and the confusion and clutter they would have created. As a result, both husband and wife use the system frequently ... thus realizing the value of their investment.

Automation that adds to the interior design

While some automation systems can detract from the interior design, this one adds to it ... primarily through lighting control. We programmed the Lutron systems to provide automated control of lighting throughout the home. The homeowner, a big-game hunter, added a room to showcase the results of his excursions. The lighting system was programmed so he can light select animals from particular regions or safaris with one touch. One button may spotlight African species ... another might highlight North American fowl. (It's enough to make a natural history museum curator jealous.)

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Home automation that blends seamlessly into the décor

The magic of the movies with none of the hassles

The house that thinks it is a family member

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