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Sample Installations - LVBA Winners

Specialty — Home Theater Winner — 2006

Old song ... newly digitized ... and a "kick-ass" home theater to listen to it. Ready a room ...

There is a riff in the opening bars of Hotel California by the Eagles that this homeowner never knew was there, until he cranked up the volume of his brand-new 7.1 Surround Sound system in his home theater. His request had been for "a kick-ass home theater," and he claims "That's exactly what I got! The clarity of the sound system blows your mind."

The room is approximately 24 feet deep and 18 feet wide with about a 10-foot ceiling. The wood motif that is featured throughout the house -- from the hardwood floors to the decorative columns to the staircase railings and the furniture -- was matched for all the equipment facades and cabinetry.

The 120-inch-diagonal Draper Vortex rear-projection screen is nestled in between 7 foot tall equipment cabinets. He likes it loud, so there's lot of amp power -- 2100 watts for the speakers and 1600 for the subwoofers. The AV equipment includes Aragon pre-amp processor and amplifiers, Atlantic Technology THX® speakers, Denon DVD/SACD player, Runco DLP HDTV projector, and Draper rear projection screen and mirror system. A Crestron TPS3000 color touch panel controls the sound, video, lights and curtain, all with the touch of a single finger.


Soft lighting includes a mix of recessed, decorative fixtures and rope lighting. with automated control of the lighting scenes, but the clarity of the video image on the screen is unfazed by any light intensity. Acoustical panels in the ceiling and walls control the sound, and as a final touch, one tap of a button and a curtain made of double-weight fabric with light blocking closes off the entranceway to provide both the aesthetics and functional light control that the family wanted.

The homeowner explains that his background is in music, and when he decided to build his dream home, he knew he wanted an exceptional sounding home theater. As it turned out, the theater pretty much determined the size and style of the entire house. And his selection of the company to help him make those dreams come true was determined, not only by their demonstrated knowledge of equipment and how to install it best, but "also by incredible attention-to-detail ... demonstrated by an understanding of how the extras. such as design skills, wood cabinetry integration, and the acoustical treatments would play an integral part" of making this reality exactly what the homeowner had in mind.

Client Comments
"I have talked with other people in the field who are some of ARS' competitors, and I've found that ARS is the best in the business."

"I could go on forever about them. I thought they were terrific. They have a great product and are very easy to work with."

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