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Sample Installations - LVBA Winners

Specialty — Home Theater Winner — 2007

A home theater that's looks more homey than like a theater Our homeowner wanted to transform his basement into a "theme room" to entertain guests, enjoy TV and movies in a home theater setting, and showcase a few antique cars and motorcycles from his collection. (Yes, you heard right -- life-sized antique cars and motorcycles!) In spite of the fact that he was going to have a few cars and motorcycles displayed in the main area of the room his one demand for the home theater portion of the space was that it look "cozy and homey" and have a "den-type atmosphere"; he did not want the typical media room with tapered floors and/or tiered theater-type seating and all the components and speakers in full view of everyone.

Eight-sides to this story
It was decided that the home theater aspect of this project was to be nestled in a unique octagonal-shaped "room" -- at the one end of the basement where there would also be a large accompanying bar just outside of the theater space. The TV screen, front speakers and subwoofer would all be housed in the far wall/side of the octagon, while the opposite side(s) would be open to the bar and the room showcasing the cars and motorcycles.

Never need to yell, "down in front!"
To achieve "theater-type" seating in the room without utilizing the typical rigid seating arrangements and furniture seen in most home theaters, a second bar and pedestal seats were added to the open side of the room opposite the wall where the screen is located. In front of this bar, one of two large comfortable sofas sits down below. Guests sitting or standing at this bar area can easily look out over those sitting on the sofas, so everyone can enjoy an unobstructed view of the action on the screen.


Is that the Ford Shelby in the other room... or the DVD I'm watching?
The speakers for the 5.1 surround system are strategically placed -- or should we say strategically hidden -- throughout the theater space so as to deliver a surround sound experience so lifelike, that when you're watching the movie "Bullitt" you're not sure if the roaring engine belongs to Steve McQueen's Mustang GT or if you're hearing the homeowner start up his classic Shelby Cobra in the other room. The two rear speakers are mounted flush into the soffit around the recessed crossbeam octagonal ceiling (keeping them out of sight, but just where they need to be for convincing surround sound). The left and right speakers as well as the subwoofer are built into the light wood cabinetry that surrounds the screen and each is hidden behind a light-colored cloth panel that seems to blend into the woodwork. The center speaker is right where it belongs to deliver the ultimate surround sound experience - directly behind the l06-inch acoustically transparent screen and in line with the right and left speakers. You can't see these babies, but boy you can hear (and feel!) them!

Where is that picture on the TV coming from?
To maintain the "homey" feel to the room, even the projector is cleverly hidden -- tucked away up into one of the massive wooden beams that crisscross the unique-shaped ceiling. The projector, as well as all the components and the overhead lights in the "theater", is controlled by one handy remote control. Taking a cue from the projector, all other vital components, complete with a DVD "server" holding up to 400 discs which is accessed from an easy to use on screen interface, are discreetly stashed away in a cabinet behind the main bar.

Client Comments
"I have talked with other people in the field who are some of ARS' competitors, and I've found that ARS is the best in the business."

"I could go on forever about them. I thought they were terrific. They have a great product and are very easy to work with."

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