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Sample Installations - LVBA Winners

Specialty — Home Automation winner — 2007

This home automation project can best be described as -- Bells & Whistle... Squared!

This homeowner is extremely techno-savvy. As the owner of a software company, he knows exactly what kind of fantastic benefits the latest technology can provide. And he wanted it all, but he wanted it subtle and sophisticated, and it had to blend in perfectly with the architectural style, and décor, of this incredible new home.

"New historic" is the style -- it's designed to look like a renovated factory, with exposed trusses, catwalks and open railings. The entire property is wired with fiberoptics to meet the needs of today and the future. Lighting, television, audio, computers and wifi, phone, paging, security -- every system in the house is under control ... well, sort of.

Hi ho, Silver! When the homeowner talks about his incredible creation as "a wild beast that needs to be tamed," you get a visual image of the black stallion on top of the mountain rearing back on his hind legs ... full of power, spirit and nobility. You know if you can get a bridle on that baby, you'll really have something.

That's sort of what it's like to have 170+ lighting loads, 18 flatscreen TVs, more than 50 speakers, and more awaiting your direction. It takes a lot of tweaking and iteration, to get it all exactly right. But now, for example, at the touch of a button the kitchen lighting goes from "prep" mode to "serve" mode to "cleanup" mode. The "Go to Sleep" button brings the lights down gradually throughout the entire house, landscape and security lighting goes on, any water features that are running gradually stop, the blinds adjust, the garage doors and gates close ... and the inhabitants can go to sleep. The house itself, of course, never does. It knows exactly what's going on and will report you, via audio signal, whether you pull into the driveway, or fall into the pool.

(If you do happen to fall into the pool, relax, you'll be happy to know it's equipped with underwater speakers, and since water transmits sound better than air, you can enjoy whatever CD, DVD, TV audio, XM radio, etc., etc., happens to be playing at the time.)


Behind the sunken bar in the Billiards Room is a mirror the length of the wall. Actually, it's a two-way mirror with a 45" LCD HDTV screen imbedded behind it. When you activate the remote, you can watch TV, a movie, select CD's, whatever. When it's off ... you see your reflection. There's also a 37" model in the master suite as well. Now that's an unobtrusive television!

Speaking of unobtrusive, as you stroll through the house and across the grounds you never notice the speakers ... the remotes ... the cameras ... the screens. The subtlety objective has been achieved. The touch screens on the wall blend perfectly, and in many cases sit just behind exquisite draperies. In a couple of places, like the kitchen for example, you can pick up the wireless (no cords!) TV screen and take it out on the screened porch with you to check the weather report during breakfast. It fits into the room decor of the kitchen as well as the stalagmite statuary fits into the hallway.

The homeowner believes all this automation systems save him about an hour a day!

Here is a partial list of the bells & whistles:

  • Special harsh environment speakers in the steam room take the heat and provide relaxing music
  • The home's own telephone system uses cellular technology to cover a much wider area that a routine wireless would
  • Automated wine chilling keeps the temperature at exactly the right preference
  • Wireless room remotes activate via motion, so you just have to pick them up to turn them on
  • If the house is full of party guests, and it's time to make a toast, everyone ... everywhere ... can hear it
  • The media server(s) hold all your CDs and DVDs so they can be accessed from any TV, controlled with the remotes or touch panels and never get lost
  • The remotes for the pool area are waterproof and float
  • The wireless remotes are not directional; you don't have to point them at anything. Receivers in the attic cover the entire property for control of the music, lights, gate, water features and more.
  • Control the temperature of the spa, and turn on the water features remotely or via computer
  • Driveway automation features include both audio and video
  • If someone's at the door, the phone rings and you can see them on the TVs
  • Flat panel TVs are everywhere ... from the dressing room to the laundry room
  • Controls in the guest bedrooms or the detached guest house are programmed to be very simple (one on/off switch takes care of everything)

Client Comments
"I have talked with other people in the field who are some of ARS' competitors, and I've found that ARS is the best in the business."

"I could go on forever about them. I thought they were terrific. They have a great product and are very easy to work with."

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