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The magic of the movies ... with none of the hassles

Forget loading everyone in the car and driving 20 minutes to the overcrowded local cineplex. The owner of this new home theater recreated the entire movie experience ... without the sticky floors, high ticket prices and pimply adolescent ushers. He did so in his new basement using his existing audio-video equipment ... and we supplied the magic in the form of creativity, ingenuity and home-automation aptitude.

Everything old is new again

The equipment -- including projection unit, screen, surround sound components and speakers -- had been used for a couple of years in the family room of the homeowner's previous house. The system worked well, but the surroundings lacked the ambiance and realism of the theater experience. So the challenge lay in designing a home-theater space that would give his components a home setting that would recreate the thrill of experiencing a movie in a theater.

Mindful of the ideal operating environment for his components, we examined the room and designed a space that integrated desirable movie fixtures. A faux box office -- staffed by a large stuffed frog flanked by a beverage-toting butler -- greets "theater-goers" upon reaching the base of the stairs. Upon entering the room, stadium seating complete with four real theater chairs in each of the three tiered rows is on the left. And a concession stand (complete with jumbo boxes of confections) is available from preview to final credits to sate the most intense sweet-tooth.

  In addition to designing the room layout, we conceived a lighting plan with recessed downlights, sconces, rope lights to help define the steps, and controls from Lutron. An automatic curtain can be opened to reveal the 10 foot diagonal movie screen. Left and right front speakers were installed unobtrusively into grilles on both sides of the movie screen; the center channel speaker, rear speakers and subwoofer were mounted inconspicuously yet in acoustically correct positions. And an accessible but hidden through the wall component rack simplifies access to the DVD, VCR and LaserDisc players, while making for easy connections and not taking up any floor space, or creating a potential eyesore.

Working together

To simplify the operation and interaction of components in the home theater, an integration control system was installed. A Niles Intellicontrol wireless touchpanel serves as the primary control unit. The touch of one particular button causes lights to dim, the curtains to open and the audio-video equipment to start up. Once the movie concludes, another button touch raises the lights, closes the curtains and shuts off the projector.

We took a collection of equipment from his old house, designed the room to house it all, added some new controls, lights, and a little magic to create this new room for an old client.

Home theater doesn't get more convenient ... or realistic ... than this!

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The magic of the movies with none of the hassles

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