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Clever through-the-wall A/V cabinetry

The owner of a 100+ year-old farmhouse contacted our company to incorporate modern technology while retaining the charm, character and old-world feel of the house. The primary problem faced by the owner was finding a suitable location for his extensive collection of A/V electronic equipment. Two old, unattractive cabinets in the living room housed all of the equipment, which was used for a home theater and whole house sound. Not only would the new location need to be convenient, but also it would need to be consistent with the home's traditional architecture.

What began as lighting control led to custom cabinets

Before renovations began, the homeowner called us to design and install a home theater lighting control system, as well as the wiring for a new living room theater. While on site, we considered conventional solutions to his equipment location problem: stand-alone custom cabinetry or locating the A/V equipment in another room of the house. Initially, the remote location seemed to be the best and most cost-efficient alternative.

An eyesore spurs opportunistic thought

During the site planning, we noted that the house had a large, obtrusive cast-iron radiator in the entry hallway, which was on the other side of a non-load-bearing wall common to the living room. We proposed a third alternative: cutting a "through-the-wall" cabinet in the space above the radiator. This plan would show the face of the A/V equipment into the living room and provide access to the rear of the equipment through hinged doors from the entry hallway side. As an added bonus, an attractive radiator cover was incorporated into the design.

The concept becomes reality

We first designed the through-the-wall cabinet to accommodate all the A/V equipment. Then our cabinet shop fabricated a structural "box" that fit into the common wall opening. The foyer hallway construction consisted of a one-piece lower cabinet to cover the radiator, and the upper section to hold the access doors in place. Aesthetically, a facade was designed to blend into the crown molding already in the living room. The bottom skirt trim of the shelving was custom cut to match the existing window trim woodwork. The solid oak hallway cabinet was stained to match the recently resurfaced hardwood floors. Most importantly, the Shaker-style design blends seamlessly with the farmhouse decor.
  Multiple benefits from one idea

When assembled, the new through-wall cabinet provided an attractive, convenient storage solution while eliminating the need for expensive stand-alone cabinetry that would have dramatically reduced living room floor space. Meanwhile, the design led to other significant benefits. First, it offered easy access to the rear of all of the equipment for future wiring changes -- a dream come true for any A/V enthusiast. Second, it complemented the existing period woodwork. Finally, it provided the satisfied homeowner an attractive focal point in the main entry hall -- much nicer than the radiator eyesore.



Sample Installations

Clever through-the-wall A/V cabinetry

Dramatic media room above a garage!

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