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Is Home Automation Affordable?

Basic home automation systems can begin as low as $3500, and can be added in phases. It is more cost-effective to install structured wiring in a home that is being built, than retrofitting an older home. But in many cases, the costs are more reasonable than you might think, and add significantly to your home's value.

Increase your home's resale value.
Research shows that a home with structured wiring will have a resale value of at least $10,000 more than unwired homes in the same neighborhood. Unlike most home improvements, there's an excellent chance that you will recover 100% of your investment when you sell the home.

Protect your valuables.
Integrated security systems safeguard your home and its contents, including jewelry, artwork, electronic equipment ... just about anything with tangible or sentimental value.
  Optimize equipment use.
Rather than buying a high-end stereo system for every room, a home integration system lets you have one central unit with room-by-room control. Speakers can be mounted throughout the house — inside and out. You'll maximize the value (and enjoyment) of your electronic equipment. And once your house has structured wiring, you can add and control components very easily.

Contact us if you have any questions about the cost or versatility of a home automation and integration system.

Is it easy to control?
Imagine the alarm is activated, music is turned off, thermostats set back, and lights dimmed as the garage door closes behind you - simply by touching a keypad on your way out.

Save money and the planet at the same time.
See where your money is going and learn how to reduce bills up to 25% or more - find out how.
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