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Is it easy to use?

Yes! Touch a keypad as you walk out of the door and the alarm is activated, music is turned off, thermostats set back and lights turned off or gradually dim to predetermined levels as the garage door closes behind you.

The expert staff at Advanced Residential Systems knows exactly how to provide comfort, convenience and security for your home — that's easy to use. Part of our expertise is understanding "how" you want your systems to function. And we provide the programming and training to give you the level of simplicity or complexity you're comfortable with. And we stand behind it. We understand a large part of being comfortable in your home is being in total control.

ARS can seamlessly integrate several automation systems:
  • Security - protect family and property with alarm systems and cameras
  • Life Safety - fire, carbon dioxide, natural gas, propane levels; water, freezing levels
  • Lighting Control - automated for convenience, security, and energy savings
  • Temperature Control - programmable for comfort and energy savings
  • Audio - music throughout the house
  • Video - flat screen HDTV television with surround sound
  • Home Theater - luxurious dedicated custom entertainment center
  • Networking - structured wiring, sharing data via phone, fax, and Internet
  • Windows - automated treatments, window candles
  • Landscape - lighting, music, and communication outdoors

Whether you prefer to relax with soothing background music or rock out, you can listen to music in one area or it can follow you throughout the house. We can create different zones of audio so that with the touch of a button, you can listen to XM Radio in the kitchen while your daughter listens to her iPod in the family room and CDs are entertaining friends poolside — all playing from your audio system simultaneously.

Home Theaters
Custom home theaters are the hottest trend in housing today. With a single stroke of a touch screen you can dim the lights, draw the drapes, and lower the screen and projector from the ceiling to commence movie viewing that can exceed the performance of even the best public movie theaters. ARS can bring the vivid images and earth-shaking sounds from movies and sports into your home — and it's easier to use than a television remote control.

Would you like lighting scenes that are task specific for kitchen, study or entertaining activities? With one touch you can! Here are some typical lighting scenes:
  • Away - adjust lights for energy savings.
  • Vacation - give the house a lived in look.
  • Party - set all indoor and outdoor lights for the party.
  • Home - set the house to normal lighting levels.
  • Sleep - dimly lit pathways to kitchen and bath.
  • And never walk into a dark house again!
After you select the technology options that fit your lifestyle and budget, we bring it all together. Depending on your installation, many home systems can be controlled from any room in the house either through touch screens, keypads or remote control. Access can also be gained when not in the house, so you can use your cell phone or computer to control your home automation system. Turn on lights and heat before you arrive home, view security cameras from your computer while at work or on vacation, change your security settings, or open the garage door for a delivery.

Think about which systems would be most meaningful for you. Be sure to check out our Solutions Section . We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Client Comments
"I have talked with other people in the field who are some of ARS' competitors, and I've found that ARS is the best in the business."

"I could go on forever about them. I thought they were terrific. They have a great product and are very easy to work with."

-- More client comments

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Is it easy to control?
October 12, 2010:
Advanced Residential Systems wins Green Excellence Award in global competition

ARS won Best Green Project for an LEED gold-certified home that includes many sustainable features such as a vegetated roof, 10,000 gallon cistern... - read full article
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